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Mains Adaptors
These are small power supplies that plug into the mains to power devices such as printers, laptops, etc. or to recharge the rechargeable batteries in portable devices. Care must be taken when buying these, to get the right one. All ours plug into a UK 3 pin socket and are designed to work from UK mains of around 240V. More guidance on mains adaptors can be found at: In general unregulated ones are suitable for recharging batteries (rechargeable) but if they are to be used for powering electronic devices, regulated ones should be used.If you cannot find the one you want on our website, please contactus with the details of it. These should be the voltage output, the max. current (usually in mA or A) or the max. power (usually in W or VA) that the supply will deliver, whether it is unregulated or regulated (if you are not sure about this stipulate a regulated one as these will power either, but the reverse is not the case) and the type of plug on the end (but even if we cannot get this it can be overcome if you have the old plug - we will give instructions on how to do this). This info. should be on old adaptor, if you have it. We will email you back within one working day quoting you price and availability.