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LED Lights for Decking etc.There are 9 products.

LED Lights for Decking etc.
LED lighting uses very little power but gives surprisingly high light output, because it is very energy efficient (a conventional light bulb gives 95% of its energy out as heat!). Our decking lights provide very attractive decorative light either sunk into or screwed on wooden decking. All are available in blue and white, and some in red and green. We suggest you buy a basic kit which gives you the transformer, wiring and junction boxes with four lights. Each junction box will take further lights. If you wish to add further lights, buy the single add-on kits, and further junction boxes if more than the lights which i juction box are being used. The twilight66 lights have junction boxes for up to 10 lights, the others for up to 6 lights. With each kit we tell you the maximum no. of lights you can fit without overloading the transformer. You can mix and match different types of light, but must take care not to overload the transformers. If you intend doing this contact us with the details of what you wish to do and we can advise you about the cost and products you need. These lights aren't just suitable for decking. They give stunning effects when put into ceilings (particularly bathrooms), skirting boards, kick strips in kitchens, etc., etc. Further ideas on their use can be found at: