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Dimmer Switches
Dimmer switches enable you to adjust your light level according to mood. We stock many different types. When installing a dimmer switch various things need to be considered: 1. They do not work with fluorescent lamps (inc. CFLs), unless they are the special dimmable ones, or LEDs. 2. Not all work with low voltage lamps; you should consult the manufacturer's instructions with the lamp before using one. 3. Their main use is with mains voltage (incandescant) filament lamps and halogen lamps. In this case each dimmer switch is rated according to the total load (wattage) of bulbs it will be controlling. Do not use a dimmer switch if the total bulb wattage is outside the range specified with the dimmer switch. Besides the common ones which replace ordinary wall switches, you will find in this section in-line , plug-in and pull cord dimmer switches. Please email us if you want advice. We advise they be fitted by a suitably qualified person apart from the plug in type which requires no wiring.g refers to gang, i.e. no of switches on one plate. E.g. 2g means 2 switches. 1 way means only 1 switch operates the light, 2 way means 2 switches do (e.g. top and bottom of stairs). A 2 way switch can always be used as a 1 way one, but not vice versa.More information on dimmer switches is available in the following article: your lamp is fitted with a Relco dimmer and you cannot find it on our website, we can get most Relco replacements - just contactus for info.